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Botty the LionHeart

Botty has always supported the Lionesses from the sidelines, keeping them hydrated and cheering them on no matter what, but Botty longs to play alongside the team.

She knows as a single use plastic it would be rather drastic just to throw her away, so she hatches an environmentally friendly plan in the hopes of becoming a Lioness...

will Botty be able to overcome her fears and get to play with the pride?

Inspired by the great Lionesses, Botty the Lionheart tells the story of Botty, a little plastic bottle who watches the footballers from the sidelines and learns from the players what it means to be a team. Win or lose, Botty is there to cheer them on, but she longs to play on the pitch. She dreads the day she might be thrown away because she is made of plastic, so she hatches an environmentally friendly plan in the hopes of becoming a Lioness. Botty must face her fears of the recycling plant, but remembers the bravery of the Lionesses, so she plucks up her courage and heads off to become a real footballer... will she get to be recycled and play with the pride? 

Designed by Nike, the Lioness' kit for the World Cup has been made using recycled plastic bottles and shoes, and this has been the main source of inspiration for Botty. I hope you discover the same bravery and courage Botty has found from watching the Lionesses play the beautiful game, I hope you are encouraged to keep going, even knowing you might not always win, and most of all, I hope you enjoy reading the Herstory of Botty the LionHeart as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

Love Lydia x 

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