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Lydia Sanders

About the author

Lydia grew up in the Roman city of Lincoln and from there developed an appetite for historical detail from around the world. Lydia decided to study modern foreign languages at Durham University to help her research into women in history from around the world. Travel and fashion are her other great passions. Lydia has lived in many places; strutting her stuff along the streets of romantic Paris, danced flamenco in fiery Madrid, and wandered through the Salamanca as well as in Lincoln!


She is part of a very large family with lots of cousins who are always asking her to dress them up in clothes and make-up ready to create a story. Lydia would love to see you all dressed-up or read your stories. Send them to her at

Eleanor_Hancock Illustrator.jpg

Eleanor Hancock

About the illustrator

Eleanor has worked as a professional illustrator for many years, after starting her career in designing prints for fashion. She enjoys working on a wide range of different projects and her work has been used in books for children and adults, including a Sunday Times bestseller. Eleanor’s illustrations are also used for gifts, greetings cards and advertising amongst other things.

Eleanor has always loved drawing, as a child she would make portraits of her friends or sketch her favourite characters for fun, she knows how lucky she is to be able to now do this every day for her job! At school, Eleanor’s teacher told her that she would never have a job in Art, and to stop dreaming. She has spent over 20 years making a living as an illustrator and designer, don’t give up on your dreams.

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