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Welcome to the Activities page! Here you'll find all sorts of fun things to do with your superstars - from mathematics to English, geography to history, craft, art and more! Entertain your superstars today with these fun activities which will keep them occupied for as long as you need.


The activities are designed so your superstars can have fun whilst learning at the same time, and - bonus - they won't even realise it!

The activities cater to all age groups, and may be completed with or without adult supervision. They are designed in order that you don't need to go out and buy anything - everything you need you will already have at home, and the activities will be supplied from the website! 

Have fun, and don't forget to tag #hystericalherstories when you post your superstars' creations on social media! 

Love Lydia x 

Who Do You Think You Are?


Map of Europe
- can you name and colour in all the countries of Europe?

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